I believe in the invisible connections that we share with strangers. I believe that personal relationships cause the world to change. I believe that traditions give way to memories and memories give way to beliefs. If we reshape the way we think about connection, we can reshape our beliefs about others, and about humanity.

With my artwork, I bridge connections between past, current, and future lives, family generations, and traditions. I venerate sacred spaces and objects, rituals that aid in healing, souls as placeholders, and relationships beyond the veil of consciousness.

Human existence depends on us realizing our connections. The role we play in humanity is more than just being nice to others. It’s reaching out in authentic ways. It’s building relationships with past, present, and future generations. It’s the will to face hard things and ask hard questions. It’s daring to be the force that heals wounds instead of bandaging them. It’s daring to learn where you came from and exploring where you can go.